Arc welding 6/10mm steel

  1. Tomlt Member

    I need a bit of help from the arc welders on here, I'm a bit of an arc novice on thick materials, I don't find getting a decent weld too hard, and everything I've welded to date has been more than strong enough, so I think my technique is generally "ok".

    Most of the stuff I've welded has been on the 3-5mm thickness and generally I have done this using an AC buzzbox using BOC Premium 6013 Rods in 2.4 and 3.2mm sizes between 80 and 130A.

    For my kit car project (locost) I need to fab some uprights from 10mm & 6mm plate. Now these obviosuly need to be strong as they are safety critical, and given the thicknesses my Clarke 160TM isn't going to cope too well, so I'm thinking arc is the way to go.

    So if you were welding a 90 Deg corner fillet in a 6mm to 10mm piece, what sizes rods and current would you choose and what prep would you do?

    Thanks in advance, Tom.
  2. scarecrow

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    hi tomlt you dont need any prep the legs of the fillet needs to be 6mm at lest
    3.2 should be fine for this if you want you could do a route with the 2.5 then two runs of the 2.5
    you can turn the heat up a bit as the 10mm plate will soak up quite a bit of heat
  3. cumbriasteve

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    Cumbria UK
    You could really do with a bit more power than 130A and the next rod size up...but in saying that I think you could manage with the setting and rod you are using, no prep really for a butt joint as such, just get a good hot pool running, don't go too fast and try to make sure the heat is shared equally between the 2 surfaces.
    if in doubt run a weld tight in to the butt then another weld either side of that meeting in the middle of the first..if you get me meaning.