Airco mini 130 (ESAB) plugged into 220 volt

  1. jimrock New Member

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    usa ca
    Have a Airco Mini 130 on the job and it was plugged into a 220 volt power source,
    now it will not strike a arc... any help out there

  2. madkayaker

    madkayaker Pro sparkey Pro Welder

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    what is the input voltage on that machine?
  3. jimrock New Member

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    usa ca
    The input voltage is 110.
    I found a burned out transistor on the pc board today and replaced it.
    that didn't work.
  4. jimrock New Member

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    usa ca
    Here's a pic of the PC board with the bad chip.
    • DSC_0048.jpg
  5. at a guess its an inverter based welder. If you have put in 230v then the chances a lot more components have been fried. you could realy do with a circuit diagram.How was it managed to be plugged in to 230v as 110v and 230v plugs are different
  6. Jake SS Member

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    The hybrid section is probably smoked, the blue section, if it is you will not be able to fix it.
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