Air Liquide no rental gas

  1. rich8000 Member

    devon uk
    You guys may already know but air liquide is running a pilot scheme in the midlands for 5 & 11 Ltr cylinders which they are calling Albee see
    I'm in plymouth and the local agent hadn't heard about it.
    Speaking to one of the customer service guys it's being rolled out across there network.
    Prices for a 11 Ltr is £130 - £170 depending on the agent for pure argon purchase then just swap cylinder and pay for gas, they come with a built in reg and flow rate valve.
    I personaly am going for there Altop rental which is a 300bar job with 10.1 cubic metre but is only 1.2 metres high.

    sorry if i should have put this in the suppliers list but i didn't want to sujest them as a supplier rather they are trying something different which may suit some people.
  2. Ian D Member

    North Devon UK
    I will keep an eye out for this if it comes to Devon, i cant see if you can put a splitter on the bottle though.
  3. astro_al Rocket Scientist

    you could always put one downstream?
  4. rich8000 Member

    devon uk
    It comes with a quick release whip, you put what you want on after that.
    If you want it in devon pm me (not sure of the advertising rules on here) and a friend of mine is a director with the the local distributor. He will be chasing airliquide as to why he didn't know about it.
    bearing in mind both the albe (buy) and altop (rental) systems come with cylinder attached pressure and flow reg. I think it's comparable to the other offerings.
    Either system you have no worries re cylinder and reg tests etc.
  5. chriskelland Forum Supporter

    England south west Oxfordshire
    Have been on to these guys and am told there are no plans to make these cylinders available across the country, though my name has been put 'on a list' spooky!

  6. Arcweld Member

    Ashton under Lyne
  7. Mick70RR Member

    Birmingham UK
    I got a quote today from a local stockist, £139.25 for the 11 ltr cylinder (argon or argon/co2 mix) plus £10.99 for the quick release fitting that attaches the hose to the regulator.
    Refils are £47.50 for argon and £41.75 for argon/co2 mix. All plus VAT.

    I'm going to pick one up soon and return my Air Products cylinder to get rid of the rental.