ac or dc for stainless?

  1. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Evening all,
    Just a quickie....can you weld stainless rods with an ac buzz box or are they dc only,i ask because i want to build a stainless grill for a brick bbq in the spring but i only have an ac buzzbox at my disposal for the time being.

    Many thanks in anticipation.

  2. TIG Paul

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    Northampton. UK
    you need to check what the ocv of the welder is, and then check the requirements of the electrodes, most cheap welders are only about 50volt ocv, and many stainless electrodes need about 80v minimum.
  3. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Aaah i dont think the ocv will be high enough,its only a clarke 160 buzz box,im sure its only about 50v ocv.....mild steel it is then! :D

    Many thanks

  4. runnach Banned

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    Hi Joe, hows youy mate?? Paul has already answered your Q, if your toiling with yer buzz box, gimme a shout and I'll nail them together for you if you wish?

    While I'm here, is there a secret to cutting a mirror to a specific shape with a radious to the top, or can I just plasma to shape;)

    Ps, give the rods a try, if they fire up, good and well, job done!!

  5. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Evening Tel,
    No real secret mate,you just have a constant well lubricated cut and then you need to open the cut fully without actually removing the waste and then cut the waste away in it to fit a frame or is it a finished edge?

    I must try and get the money together to get something with a decent ocv.


    ps and use a decent glass nutter not a £5 b&q special glass cutter!:o

    cutter even although nutter might be more like it!
  6. runnach Banned

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    I'm hoping to be lubricated half cut for the next couple of weeks Joe:laughing: I'll maybe give it a bash during a lube session, then again, maybe not, I'll end up with a mosaic mirror!! Maybe a better idea to to wait and see if Amish returns back to work? Sounds like a job for an expert.

    Btw, edge wont be seen, it is going into a frame.

  7. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Hi Tel,
    Are you needing for xmas? I heard Hamish had been off lately.......if you're struggling ill be up in town at a few points over the festive period if you want a hand?

    I spent 9 years in the glass and glazing industry (not blowing my own trumpet :whistle: of course),i only went to Telford to get the paperwork qualifications (as every ****** to want these days :mad:)

    You dont happen to know where i could buy few stainless rods individually to try do you,i know most places only sell by the box.


  8. Simondrains:whistle:,

    If your stuck joe il post a few, what grade you after....
  9. gavuk

    gavuk artful-bodger

    Joe ,have you got the stainless mesh ,i priced some up last summer,it was stupid money went with normal mild steeel weld mesh ,wire brush before use then brushed with cooking oil worked a treat ,cost nothing ,then went into focus or b&q and saw their build in bbq kit ,which was a chrome mesh etc for about £14-15 .worth it for 1 season
  10. TIG Paul

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    Northampton. UK
    Murex Nicrex E316L will run on 50volt ocv, not cheap though, look here
  11. runnach Banned

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    Hi Joe,

    I have some 1.6mm dia 316 s/s arc rods available, 2.5 6013's's too, no probs to take more than enough to see the job done mate.

    No requirement for job to be prior to xmas, I just came across a frame than can be adapted to fit a mirror I have had lying around for yonks. Let me know when you are heading up this way and I'll pm you my mobile and home number, you can pick up rods and take a look at my conumdrum.

    Yep, hamish has been awol since end of summer semester, probs with his ticker, I was told the docs were talking about doing a reboot to get the thing ticking back to normal:o

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