1. Sick of welding boilers. Booking my 6g coding tomorrow. Time to try and make some decent dosh out of welding
  2. Good Luck let us know how you got on :clapping:
  3. I had it years ago and stupidly never used it...wife and kids came along...
  4. apprenticetom

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    is 6g the pipewelding one? :dontknow:
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    Kinda in that 6g is a welding position used to qualify butt welds in pipe. As the pipe is fixed at 45* it qualifies the weldor to weld in 'more directions' as it incorporates overhead, vertical, horizontal etc. Read, less test pieces needed.

    The position's used for various different 'codings' and the physical size (dia/wall) of each test piece determines what you end up qualified to weld i.e. a 6" butt won't qualify you to weld a 2" because the diameter limits might be 0.5D - 2D for example where D is pipe diameter
  6. apprenticetom

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    oh i see cheers for that :D
  7. Best of luck fella, are you sticking it all the way through or going for a TIG root
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    I did my 6g test last year in MIG, i needed to be double jointed to get from top to bottom but got there in the end. As Hotrodder states, it covers you for more positions meaning less tests but making you open to taking on more jobs.
    Good luck
  9. Doing it all in stick. Im gonna get refresher first cos its amazing what you forget and im not paying a fortune to fail it
  10. how much did it cost you? Ive got allsorts of mig codes when i worked at structural factory...i say i have, i mean they have..you never get them, you sit all the tests and they keep all codes and if you want them when you leave you gotta pay
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    I did my mild steel and stainless codes at the same time. The mild in 6g and stainless plate overhead. All in it cost just over £1000 for the tests. But i had to provide the material which was 2" pipe with a test cert £80 and a 3meter length of 6mm stainless plate, 150mm wide cut into 300mm strips £200. It took me three days to produce the pieces good enough to send for xray, the slightest of undercuts and the inspector would just look at it and say 'do it again'. Everything has to be literally perfect.

    I am self employed so i own my certs, i can see both sides of the argument of ownership of certs as it is the employer that pays but the welder that completes the tests!!

    I carryout mild steel welding every week for one of my contracts but the company who promised me endless stainless work hasnt put anything my way so far:(
  12. I once landed a great stainless pipe contract a few years back...the local distillery, Bladnoch, had been shut down so they cut up all the pipes, basically so no one could start distilling again. Anyway it was bought over and the guy started it up again so I got the job of putting it back together. I was there for months and by the time I finished I was a stainless pipe welding expert. You had to weld in some crazy positions and a couple of times even had to do a few by mirror...that is weird when you start
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    That bladnoch whisky is lovely stuff best of the lowland whiskys imho
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